These Lifestyle Portraiture pictures are samples of free form and dynamic shooting that produce subtle and dreamy looks. To mimic the lightness of the fabrics chosen for this session, the poses tend to lightly levitate in a delicate balance. This, combined with a little enhancement to an otherwise naturally lit atmosphere, complete the airy effect. Shot at the beautiful Park 10 Building overlooking the Perez Art Museum in Miami, it provided for an excellent background for the pieces and the subject. With its high ceiling, this Loft proved to be  the ideal location for this particular photoshoot.





Family portraits in studio and on location



        Family portraits is for us a special job that takes a special approach. Knowing full well that these will be some of the most cherished souvenirs of your growing family, we strive to make it memorable and preserved for the future . Weather it on location or in studio, we offer great photography in the most affordable and practical manner for you and your loved ones.




Portrait Photography in Studio and on Location


Portraiture is the main specialty and drive for INTI Photography, it is constant and a classic field of photography that brings client and photographer together like no other.

Our approach is freestyle shooting with a interest in bringing out the personalities of our sitters capturing their essence in studio and on location.

Hereunder you can find some  Miami personalities such as developer Mr Jorge Perez, Designer Rene Ruiz, Landscaper Fernando Wong, and world famous Nobu Chef.